The networking we do at my job is all done through a GUI and not a CLI. The networking we do doesn’t truly use BGP vs OSPF. Seems like most “normal” networking for small to medium sized customs is just plugging the inventions on and configuring Firewall+ Content Filtering/ WAPs/ VLANs and you’re done. CCNA doesn’t really seem like it will help me spur my vocation forward outside of simply having the’ CCNA showed’ credential. Are there any other network certs out there you’d recommend or do you think the CCNA, CCNP, CCIE cert path will be my best bet to getting into a Senior Network Admin or Junior Cloud Admin role in an enterprise environment? Do you think Software-defined networking technology is constituting it so these certs are very, very slowly becoming useless? Where should I come from here as a junior network admin? Things I need to be learning?

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