Not too long ago, I was the proud owner of a Wilson Combat 1911. It was previously owned by my late father-god; a intense grease-gun collector. It had been among the first guns my papa let me hold which perhaps built that maudlin acquaintance I have with 1911 s. While the original was certainly a classic, the Springfield’ Defend Your Legacy’ Series 1911 Mil-Spec is a modern take on what is an otherwise historic handgun. This isn’t the only modern take on this classic, though I might add.

The 1911 A1 GI- despite its large-scale devotee cornerstone, reliability, and charm- can be had for less than the price of a Glock 19, but the question you’re most likely asking is:” Is it worth the money ?” More importantly, perhaps to countless readers and me, does the Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec continue with its legacy of precise fitting, excellent body-build aspect, reliability, and accuracy of the original Wilson Combat? That’s exactly what we set out to answer in this review, and speak till the end, as we go over every peculiarity is how it compares to the classic.

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Specifications- Springfield Armory’ Defend Your Legacy’ Series 1911 Mil-Spec

Springfield Armory has three offerings in their 1911 Mil-Spec pistol sequence and most of the specifications are identical. The only difference is a slightly different grip( amongst other qualities ); however, these shouldn’t be mistaken for your run-of-the-mill, plan 1911 clones which are unfortunately a dime-a-dozen. The specifications below summary a superior quality handgun which seems to be living up to its predecessor’s legacy.

Cartridge:. 45 ACP Barrel: 5 ” Forged Stainless Steel, Match Grade, 1:16 Slide& Frame: Forged Carbon Steel, Parkerized Sights: Fixed Combat 3-Dot Recoil System: GI Style Grips: Wood Composite Magazines:( 1) 7-Round Weight: 39 Oz Length: 8.6 ” Height: 5.5 ” MSRP: $709

My first impression of all three Springfield 1911 s is its a solid shoot. They feel well-balanced, pleasant-shooting, and premium for their cost category. Speaking from experience, after handle many 1911 clones- which I will not specify- this one was a pleasant surprise. For starters, it is an excellent piece of nostalgia that gets the original privilege in many ways.

The slide is nice and smooth with no stuttering or infuriating grinding like some clones you can buy for the same price. It nearly feels natural with a well-balanced weight. Perhaps my simply complaint is the box which does not do this beauty justice.

To anyone who has owned the original or consumed it, the Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec is a nostalgic object rounded off by the plain-Jane pitter-patter grip and married with a parkerized finish. The parkerized finish feels almost like velvet. Unlike some other attempts at parkerizing that extremely suctions( due to lack of a better word ). Springfield has get the feel right. Under the bonnet, “theres a lot” that separates the Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec from even some of the most wonderful clones I’ve consumed; however, much of it is only evident once you take it to the range; something we’ll get into later.

Pros- Springfield’ Defend Your Legacy’ Series 1911 Mil-Spec

Crisp provoke war with around 4.5 lbs of pull Feels great in the hands; the restrict clutch builds it comfortable to hold This 1911 is as simple as chanted and fitted for excellent accuracy It feels somewhat heavy in the pas which is advantageous depending on your personal wish This 1911 is backed by an substantial library of easily available aftermarket duties A reliable shoot which can possibly last for decades if taken care of Excellent value for coin

Cons- Springfield’ Defend Your Legacy’ Series 1911 Mil-Spec

The non-standard safety lock can be a hassle to supersede if it is necessary 1911 mil-specPhoto Credit: Range Time- Springfield’ Defend Your Legacy’ Series 1911 Mil-Spec

Before we dive into our experience at the range, it is worth mentioning that this 1911 Mil-Spec is for a specific type of shooter. At 39 ounces, the gun is quite a bit heavier than Springfield Armory’s polymer-framed Hellcat, for example. The additional mass intends good recoil management, and for many, it means a sense of control.

We made the Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec on quite a few tours to the range. I exploited different ammo each time to find potential quirks with the artillery. The good story is that there aren’t any caprices- there wasn’t a single failure- and it does not need a break-in period. We utilized Federal American Eagle 230 Grain FMJ and CCI Blazer 230 Grain which didn’t trouble us at all. Even with a organize of 230 Grain rounds, the rebound isn’t irrepressible or nauseating. The single-action trigger feels snappy, and candidly, it is a dream to use. A reliable preference that performs as expected each time.

After using the Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec multiple times at the straddle, I is to be able to say this is amongst the best handguns you can buy today. Everything offices as anticipated with a smooth slide exhaust. The publication secrete is rapid and simply ejects each time without fastening even though we applied it in the snow.

Final Thoughts- Springfield’ Defend Your Legacy’ Series 1911 Mil-Spec

The Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec is one of the best budget-buys out there, in my view. I’ve propped and used the grease-gun long before drafting this review or even thinking of it. I’ve abhorred most 1911 replicas in the $500- $800 cost reach; however, the Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec is the only exception I’d recommend. All it makes for an experienced gun devotee is a few minutes on the stray to figure out how the Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec is superior in every possible way compared to what’s already available out there.

The original 1911 was an amazing gun over a hundred years ago with a crispy feeling. The Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec does an excellent job of reproducing that feel exerting modern manufacturing and insidiou improvements that are hard to put into names. It is a marvel of modern firearm realise that we imagine rates far less than it should be worth. This stirs it an excellent fund obtain. I, regrettably , no longer own my father’s Wilson Combat 1911 for those wondering, but I am the proud proprietor of the Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec. It is a nostalgic more highly ability reproduction of the classic you can’t go wrong with.

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