The Place, London’s boldest dancing theater, is pleased to announce its springtime program. Some of the most innovative British and international jig artists take to the stage in a season boasting brand-new commissions, talks, pedigree sees and brand-new projections such as the Youth Dance Platform showcasing the new generations of dancers and a cinema gala curated by students of the inaugural MA Screendance course. A common filament this season is to give other craftsmen, producers and companies- including Corali, Artists 4 Craftsmen, Avant Garde, Woman SRSLY and Sick of The Fringe- the have opportunities to curate their own nights or happens.

Highlights of the season include:

James Cousins Company weaving three duets, including the critically acclaimed In Her Eyes, into one assimilating emotive night referred Epilogues( 6- 8 Mar) Fevered Sleep return with their critically acclaimed appearance Men& Girls Dance( 25- 30 Apr ), a thought-provoking, pleasurable and empathic meeting between adults and children

In An Night with Antony van Laast( 21 Mar) the world prominent choreographer( Mamma Mia !, Sister Act etc .) will share his experience in stagecoach and film in a public lecture

The brand new The Place Youth Dance Platform will showcase the new generations of dancers and celebrate the diversity of move across London( 9 Mar)

At The Place, the New Year starts as every year with Resolution, annual commemoration of new choreography. Over 27 darkness, more than 80 emerging masters will be featured on our stage, presenting brand-new duty across all categories and wordings, from hip hop to move theatre to circus, devoting adventurous and strange audiences a indicate of what the future of jig and carry-on may harbour( 11 Jan- 23 Feb ).

London Contemporary Dance School. Photo by Camilla GreenwellLondon Contemporary Dance School. Photo by Camilla Greenwell

On 8& 9 February, the theatre will be home to Undergraduate and Postgraduate student from London Contemporary Dance School. Play-act in a varied night of frolic, students get to showcase their skills in newly created handiwork by Leila McMillan and Sasha Roubicek, along a re- stage of Joe Moran’s highly successful Arrangement. On 26& 27 March, Jeanne Steele will place Event to celebrate the Merce Cunningham centennial, alongside new operate from Postgraduate Choreography student Saju Hari and an ensemble improvisation under the direction of Rick Nodine and Seke Chimuntengwende.

Student from our inaugural MA Screendance course will take over the theater on 15& 16 March with Frame Rush, a brand new carnival of Screendance curated and organised by the students themselves, which will showcase the most recent developments innovations in hop in the digital senility.

Double proposals will frisk a big division this spring with energizing artists sharing the stage for varied nights of dancing. Giuseppe Chico and Barbara Matijevic will explore dancing and technological sciences, including a laptop screen and YouTube videos in their move recital called Forecasting, a dizzying hybrid ordeal, blurring the lines between the banality of everyday situations and brand-new modes of recital, while Lewys Holt will attack anxiety and social awkwardness in his jocular yet fazing theme presentation-cum-dance chide Phrases( 26 Feb ).

Queer artist Es Morgan will share the stage with Rachael Young in an evening that promises dynamic movement, visceral live music, shimmer and utopian imaginations of the future( 28 Feb ).

Yukiko Masui and Lea Tirabasso will explore grief, illness and death in their double bill, juxtaposing Masui’s Falling Family about appalling minutes of tendernes in their families with Tirabasso’s The Ephemeral Life of an Octopus, on the basis of the artist’s personal experience of cancer( 2 Mar ).

Lea Tirabasso. Photo by Bohumil KostohryzLea Tirabasso. Photo by Bohumil Kostohryz

The last double bill will be stemmed by the Alleyne sisters presenting Testimonies and A Night’s Game, two fresh and emotionally gripping jig fragments tackling the turmoil of human rights passion and the fight of captivity, both in figure or in spirit( 3 Apr ).

Work Place artist James Cousins presents his latest piece Epilogues( 6- 8 Mar) knitting together three duos about closer relations between suitors, pals, sisters and family. The “visually breath-taking”( The Stagecoach) Within Her Eyes was first realise at Sadler’s Wells as one of the purposes of the inaugural New Adventures Choreographer Award Showcase where Cousins was the first champion of the gift in 2012, showing him as a choreographic knack to watch. The two brand-new employs( thus far untitled) explore the insinuate relationship between two men overcoming pressures from their respective cultures and two sisters dealing with the impending loss of a mother, challenging the stereotype of duelling females continued by the male gape of the media.

James Cousins - Epilogues. Photo by Camilla GreenwellJames Cousins- Epilogues. Photo by Camilla Greenwell

Tragedy and feeling pain are too at the heart of Encounter’s The Kids are Alright, a live rendition presented by Fuel and co-commissioned by The Place, bringing together new writing, hop, and sound installation. When a day trip turns to tragedy, the fabric of one family is violently unpicked forever.

Adults and children will also be sharing the stage in Men& Girls Dance, the critically acclaimed substantiate by Fevered Sleep that toured nationally and internationally and now returns to The Place, where it was firstly performed in 2016, due to popular ask. Behind the intentionally unsettling claim waits a mischievous, funny and reckoned precipitating case, ready to challenge preconception about adults and children and unpicking the position of skepticism, anxiety and even disgust towards normal positive interactions between people of different ages and genders. Five male contemporary dancers and nine primary school-age girlfriends perform in a mischievou, energetic and emphatic revelry, sitting a course for dancers of totally different ages, sexualities and levels of knowledge to be together around the world and on the stage.

Men & Girls Dance (2015). Photo by Benedict Johnson1Men& Girls Dance( 2015 ). Photo by Benedict Johnson1

Young publics are invited to enjoy our family demonstrates over Easter at the Place. Glisten by young people’s theatre company Half Moon is a amiable immersive multi-sensory know-how for babies aged 0- 18 months, transforming the theatre into a magical countryside fitted with emblazon, seems and surprises. For older progenies aged 4+, Curiouser, a unique collaboration between UK located duo Flexer& Sandiland and Norwegian firm Dybwikdans, invites to consider the world from another perspective, as the performers contribute gatherings on a outing deep down into subterranean caves, through leafy timbers and high up into the starry darknes sky, incorporating invigorated hand-drawn projection, dancing, phone, text and interactive digital objects to submerge and smother the audience creating an insinuate more impressive ordeal.

Youth dance radicals from across the city will glisten as we are grateful for the next generation of dancers onto our place for the brand new The Place Youth Dance Platform propelled this year to celebrate the variety of jig and dancers in London.

Startin Point - Future4Youth. Photo by The Duke LDNStartin Point- Future4Youth. Photo by The Duke LDN

Completing the spring season will be carries-on from Corali, a company of professional artists with a learning disability and their special client duo Thick& Tight( 30 Mar ), Artists 4 Artists will present an evening of Krump announced 3 Rounds of Amp( 13 Apr) and Avant Garde Dance will be opened by a special edition of their dynamic disco clash darknes Show and Prove( 16 Mar ). Female conduct art collective Woman SRSLY will take over The Place on 14 Mar, while The Sick of the Fringe will curate a weekend of carries-on looking at health and social right in a time of huge societal change( 5 -7 Mar ).

Finally, An Night with Anthony van Laast will bring the world famous Broadway and West End choreographer( Mamma Mia !, Tina the Musical) and LCDS alumnus back to his alma mater to share insights about his whiz studded profession and practical knowledge about his work on film in a unique public lecture in collaboration with the MA Screendance students.

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