A vivid collection of Among Us mesmerize wins and disappoints demo just how much recreation the game is for everyone involved- if, of course, cheaters are not devastating its own experience. In an attempt to fight off the hackers’ plague, developers are currently working on implementing notes in Among Us so that it would be easier to report violators.

According to one of the recent advertisements on Steam, the Innersloth studio is planning to implement an detail organization by December. At first, its functionality will be fairly limited with musicians merely be able to report hackers and poisonous gamers. At a later year, as predicted by developers, such things as friendslists will be presented. Overall, the system will likely help to cleanse Among Us from the immense presence of cheaters.

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A video compilation of best romps from Among Us by GAMINGbible( as shared by LADbible via Twitter) is clearly a perfect proof of why the game is so immensely popular and deeply slaking. There’s a funny clip of an Impostor killing a crewmate, immediately reporting the dead body, and trying to get away with that by questioning where the corpse was spotcheck. Little did he know that the person reporting a crime scene in Among Us is visible to everyone else. As a ensue, the Impostor was elected off without any hesitancy. Another excerpt indicates a crewmate originating a meeting with the only intention to share with everyone how clean was their poster swipe during the notoriously hard task. After deciding to vote him off for being silly, the whole crew then starts to randomly choose a different player who, to everyone’s admiration, turns out to be an Impostor.

With players spending a lot of quality time in Among Us, it’s quite obvious that the demand for additional content that should supplement diversity to the experience is growing strong. Innersloth has already recognized the necessity to introduce much-needed oddities to the game as the studio is currently working on a new map. According to the brief announcement, the locale is likely to be at least as big as the favourite Polus map- if not bigger.

While the video is an inspiring piece of content that is likely to attract new musicians into knowledge Among Us, it also underlines the fact that a crew of trusty cronies and singer interaction is also required to get the most out of the game. Playing with randoms can hardly result in such amusing sequels, but most importantly, there could be hackers to bungle the pleasure of fooling around in Among Us.

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Among Us is provided for PC, iOS, and Android devices.

Source: LADbible – Twitter

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