A new bit of supporter skill has surfaced on Reddit, depicting Among Us crossing over with Star Wars, initiating surfaces that resemble iconic references in The Mandalorian series. Ever since the game’s rise in popularity in mid-2 020, Among Us has received multiple different kinds of fan art that depict the common crewmates in different skins, but this is a spectacular mashup with the reach display The Mandalorian.

Among Us has captivated the attention of the gaming world, so much better so that it became one of the most-played multiplayer games of the year, due to it being relatively easy to play and its inexpensive toll( from free to$ 5 on certain pulpits ). Since it has become so favourite, there have been plenty of love crossovers that users have done to show off their skills while also showing their love for video games. One reimaging of the game showed how it would look like in 3D, while another consumer has blended the game with classic Japanese-style art.

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However, it seems that this new fan art from Reddit user XxHimate7 89 xX creates the Among Us crewmates to either the light-footed line-up or the dark, showing off amazing skins from the favourite Tv line, The Mandalorian. The surfaces are created to represent multiple different characters, such as Din Djarin( with Baby Yoda in tow ), Boba Fett, Bo-Katan, Ahsoka Tano, and many more. Some of these mentions might even sound familiar considering the characters made appearances in other forms of Star Wars media besides The Mandalorian, such as The Clone Wars television show. With the latest season of The Mandalorian time coming to a close and the edict of variou brand-new TV demonstrates peculiarity some of these attributes, it was only a matter of time before an Among Us supporter decided to combine two of the most-talked-about segments of cavity media right now.

With how many different ways there are to play the game, from roleplaying to modding to everything else users can probably think of, originating fanart outside of the game is one of the best ways to show a player’s love for Among Us. The tournament has concluded its room is not simply from kids to adults of all kinds, even to the point where teachers love to play it. With how much this tournament has been talked about, it might even be possible for The Mandalorian to do a crossover affair with Among Us to promote the register considering these two forms of media take place in space, but with Among Us’ status as a low-budget indie game, that doesn’t seem too likely.

While there’s no guarantee of a new Among Us crossover considering their latest map will be one with Henry Stickman coming out in early 2021, fanart will always be the best way to imagine what “couldve been”. Among Us is available to play on mobile, PC, and Nintendo Switch, but will be coming to Xbox in 2021. There is no word on if it will be coming to PlayStation or not.

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Source: XxHimate7 89 xX

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