Alfie Templeman has announced the liberate year of his forthcoming EP,’ Happiness In Liquid Form ‘, and shared a brand-new single in the meantime designation’ My Best Friend ‘, peculiarity Jess Eastwood of Coach Party.

Templeman has divulged’ Happiness In Liquid Form’ is likely to be secreted on July 15 through Chess Club. The latest freeing from the 17 -year-old producer is a follow-up to to the forthcoming EP’s title track, which was shared earlier this month and co-written by The Vaccines‘ Justin Young.

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‘My Best Friend’ might not be what you’d expect it to be about.

” It’s about feeling and sadness being the only thing that’s always there for you, as if it’s the only thing that really persists around and prowls behind everything you do ,” Templeton said in a statement.” It’s as if these feelings are the closest thing to you, like your best friend .”

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The track peculiarities Coach Party’s Jess Eastwood, who told me that she instant related to the song’s meaning and lyrics.

” Let’s be real, we all get sad, it never does leave permanently, so making a song about it and taking a different look on it is a really cool move , not to mention it’s a shit hot carol ,” she said.

” I feel fantastically luck to boast on it as Alfie will defo have a fictions slot at Glasto in 30 years ,” Eastwood said.

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‘Happiness In Liquid Form’ follows Templeman’s 2019 EP’ Don’t Go Wasting Time ‘, which NME applied four out of five idols, saying the producer has ” crafted a timeless, carefree record that positions the relatability back into dad “.

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