A Million Little Things is akin to Chicken Soup for the Soul.

And with the return of the line with A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1, it felt as if you were snuggling up with a warm blanket, chewing convenience menu, and spending time with beloved friends.

In epoch likes these, you learn to cherish a few moments that gives you that feeling.

Hugs and Tears - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

And the premiere elicited so many feelings. Oh yes, it’s good to have A Million Little Things back.

You can always expect certain things.

Gary will always be that supportive friend who knows how to relieve any depression. Little Theo will always have that wonderful blend of childlike naivete and old-age wisdom.

Everyone will always remove everything to be there for one another, and AMLT will always do you cry, yes, but too smile through those tears.

In Times of Need  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

The hour picked up where A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 19 left off, and Katherine’s reaction to overhearing Eddie get hit by a automobile was devastating.

It’s no surprise that her first order was to Gary, and bless upon the AMLT supremacies for continuing to build on what is one of the most underrated alliances of the series.

Gary: Where is Lindsay anyway? Delilah Katherine knocked her out.Darcy: Good. Sorry, but as soon as Lindsay got back into city, Eddie went to a table. I don’t condemned Katherine for knocking her out.

Permalink: Good. Sorry, but as soon as Lindsay got back into town, Eddie went to a prohibit. I don’t accused …

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Darcy’s addition as a series regular works for so many reasonableness, and fortunately, it means that Katherine has a friend of her own. However, if it came down to pinning a close ligament between Katherine and the primary radical, her closest person is Gary.

They have come to an understanding over the past time or so, and it testifies with their every interaction. I couldn’t think of anyone better to stay there( a move that was so predictably Gary I genuinely, intentionally smiled when she glanced up to find that despite her attempts to shoo everyone away, he was still there ).

Can't Afford To Lose - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

Gary’s role in the streak has “re trying” his damnedest to keep everyone together. He’s tried to serve as the glue in Jon’s absence, and he’s not resigning that anytime soon.

Their opt genealogy is a group that maintains taking a hell of a lot of punches( pun unintended ), and Eddie’s accident could violate them again.

It didn’t assist that they were all dealing here with things of their own when they heard the information. The same day they were there to celebrate a fortunate motive, they faced another near-tragedy.

Can “youre thinking about” a is demonstrating that better encapsulates the feeling of living in the disaster time that is 2020?

The Waiting Room  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

Eddie was fighting for “peoples lives”, has suffered from big internal bleeding, and he was instinctive. It was touch and go, and the doctors didn’t chime hopeful about his survival.

It was a lot for Katherine to process, and she’s ever the person who tries to keep it all together and think logically and rationally about everything. It induced feel for her to have Theo stay at Delilah’s, and it was such a Katherine thing to run a toxicology report on Eddie to confirm he wasn’t drinking.

Alright, inspect buster, here’s the transaction. You’re fighting for your life. I’ve seen you propel a perforate, it’s not enormous. I know a true-blue friend is supposed to give you permission to stop fighting, but just so we’re clear, you do not have that assent. You hear me? You cannot leave us. You can’t leave Katherine. You can’t leave your son. You can’t leave your daughter. You can’t leave me.

Gary Permalink: Alright, appear buster, here’s the agreement. You’re fighting for your life. I’ve seen you throw a …

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She’s a person who needs all the answers, but you could tell how unpleasant she felt when Gary overheard it. She didn’t want to seem like she didn’t have any faith in her husband or trusted him. I do wonder if that will come up again down the road or not.

The nanny who make them in to see Eddie was a godsend, and Gary’s plea to Eddie was heartwarming. It was such a easing when Eddie squeezed Gary’s hand and Katherine’s too.

Delilah Awaits News - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

While it didn’t seem likely that the demonstrate would kill off another member of this group this soon, anything is possible, and I observed myself afraid of losing Eddie, a reference who has grown so much throughout the series, including on this reviewer.

But we knew Eddie wouldn’t go through this experience without some challenges, and at the moment, he’s paralyzed. It’s a storyline that could bear fruit in many ways, peculiarly when the line fast-forwarded a month, and it’s in the early stages of the Coronavirus pandemic.

I got into a fight with a automobile. I lost.

Eddie Permalink: I got into a fight with a vehicle. I lost .

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Eddie is a recovering admirer who approximately slipped up, and now he’s in a position where he may need to use drugs like oxycodone as pain management. Anyone casually aware of the Opioid Crisis we’re fighting in the Country knows that much of it is a result of situations like this — people who got addicted to pain management drugs.

He also has to deal with how different “peoples lives” sounds is a well-known fact that he’s in a wheel-chair. Hopefully, the prove can have a thoughtful exploration of that without clumsily and unintentionally crapping on the incapacitated community.

Torn Up - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 19

Right now, it’s Katherine who seems to be grappling with the possibility of Eddie not being able to walk again. Eddie’s feelings be a little more subjugated up until he read his vows.

Instead, Eddie was living in a state of worry that Katherine would decide she had enough and bail on him. While he didn’t drink at that rail, he virtually did, and it’s something of which Eddie feels guilty after all the promises he made to Katherine and Theo.

Eddie: I “ve been thinking about” the last time we were in the hospital together then Theo was born, exclusively I didn’t get there til afterward, and I promised you that I would never imbibe again.Katherine: And you haven’t.Eddie: No, I didn’t, but I still went to that bar. If I hadn’t … seek, I precisely can’t help but feel like is again I let you down, and I would wholly understand if you said you couldn’t do this again.

Permalink: No, I didn’t, but I still went to see that prohibit. If I hadn’t … seek, I just can’t help but feel …

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I appreciate this as restraint is a daytime to period thing. In Eddie’s mind, if he didn’t have that time of weakness again, he wouldn’t have been at that rail and run down in the first place.

It’s the characteristics of guilt and whataboutism that anyone would struggle with for the rest of their life. And he felt as if he caused Katherine down, peculiarly since it entailed she had to take care of him.

Trying to Stay Strong  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

Eddie making Katherine an out was heartbreaking, and when she didn’t give him an immediate response of reassurance, it was crushing.

But her reassurance came in the form of the astound at their home. Darcy and Gary improved a ramp for Eddie, the whole gang was there, including Maggie by video chat, and she wanted to renew their devotes right there.

You asked me at the hospital if I was committed to spending the rest of my life with you. Eddie, there is something I have to tell you, I am. Eddie Saville, will you ultimately marry me again?

Katherine Permalink: You asked me at research hospitals if I was committed to spending the rest of my life with you ….

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If any couple needed a dedicate repair, it was the Savilles. They’ve had a long road getting to this place in their wedlock, and they had to crawl and blemish their lane here. They both acknowledged their past, and Eddie couldn’t go without owning how he divulged his commits before, but their liturgy was so gratifying.

They gave this, and they could pledge themselves to one another, perform new hopes, and you know that even if things are rocky, they may have a handle on the relations between the two countries now, and they can get through things together.

Darcy is In - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

They’re going to need that since the three men who affected Eddie is watching their every move. Was that Alex’s father?

Does he have nefarious designs, or is he wracked with remorse after making Eddie, and he’s checking on him? He did call 911 after he led him over.

To me, family is the people who maintained your hand as you take a million little steps in the right direction.

Eddie Permalink: To me, family is the people who braced your hand as you take a million little steps in the …

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If that is Alex’s father, then the Lake House storyline isn’t over. And I’m with Darcy on this; all this nonsense didn’t start happening until Lindsay showed up.

If Eddie and Katherine’s marriage is stronger than ever despite their handicaps, Rome and Gina have a strained relationship.

Rocky Marriage? - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

Gina was so upset with Rome for coming her invested in Eve and the baby that she could scarcely been talking to him the nighttime they lost the baby.

The social worker announced with a new newborn in need of a family on the same night, but Regina couldn’t reconcile moving on that quickly, and you can’t condemned her.

Rome: I can’t believe you are saying no to a child again.Gina: That’s not fair! When have I ever said no to a newborn? When we got married we both said no to kids. The ratification was my idea, and the only reason I paused on Eve was because I was afraid she would do exactly what she did, and now simply hours after losing a baby that we held that we thought was ours, I can’t simply erase him with another child. That’s not fair to you, that’s not fair to me, and the majority of members of all, that’s not fair to that newborn in Lennox. Baby, I know you demand this. I want it too, but not like this.Rome: What if we never get another chance?

Permalink: What if we never get another chance?

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Child are interchangeable, and whether the caseworker or Rome realise it or not, that’s how they came here across with the offering. Gina just had a moment to grieve the loss of this baby she was expecting and her relationship with Eve.

Rome and Gina had it out about the girl place. Rome wanted to blame Gina for backing out on demanding minors, and she prompted him that they both decided to no have any before modifying their psyches later on, and she originated the approval and other things.

Fed Up  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

Gina gaped stunning a few months last-minute with her haircut, but things were chilly between the Howards, and their actions during Eddie and Katherine’s commits were telling.

Meanwhile, Gary and Darcy seem to be going strong and get serious. Colin and Gary are staying over at Darcy’s home more and more.

Darcy overhead Delilah and Rome talking about Gary going to the airport to see Maggie off, and it could’ve led to issues, but they talked it about right then, and they were fine.

Darcy and Gary  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

Darcy and Gary succeed in communicating with each other. Although there are legions of Gaggie ‘shippers waiting for a Maggie and Gary reunion, it’s refreshing to see Gary in this relationship with Darcy.

Who’s to say Maggie didn’t win over her brand-new roommate Jamie, and she’s dating him now. Maggie’s English escapades served as comedic relief.

It was predictable, quintessentially Maggie, and amusing that she assumed her roommate was a woman and somehow talked Jamie’s girlfriend, Cassie, into dumping him before she even unpacked her bags.

She didn’t oblige the best impression with Jamie, but their interactions are bound to be hilarious since Maggie’s charms didn’t work on him.

Arriving in England  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

Other Tidbits 😛 TAGEND

I was just wondering what deep into the pandemic the streak “il be going”. Can you imagine this close-knit group not being able to physically lean on each other?

Did anyone do misty-eyed when Gary likely went back to his apartment to get his cancer hat exactly to show up at the hospital for Eddie?

Again, Gary and Katherine’s relationship is the best. Delilah was such a support to Katherine, and it’s nice that the two women have reached a point where they consider each other family.

All of the kids are getting so big-hearted. Danny has grown so much!

A New Bond  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

The flashback to Eddie, Rome, Gary, and Jon in the elevator was nice.

I recognized Eddie’s vows and how he incorporated Jon’s original Friendship is a million things mention and added onto it. It fits with the progress they’ve made and the atmosphere we all need now.

It feels as if we’re in a brand-new period of this line, and everyone finally has a place within it and their family. I’m stimulated about that.

Because of the seriousness of this moment, I’m not going to make a threesome joke.

Gary Permalink: Because of the seriousness of this moment, I’m not going to make a threesome joke .

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Rest in serenity to DJ Nash’s father. Lovely eulogy at the end.

Over to you, Million Things Fanatics.

Are you alleviated Eddie survived? Do you think he’ll retrieve his ability to walk? What are your theories on the man watching him from afar?

What are your thoughts on Rome and Gina’s precarious marriage and baby situation? Are you enjoying Gary and Darcy? Hit the comments below!

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