Our work is now illegal. At Firefly Team Events our goal is always to bring beings together with team building occurrences. We understand amassing your team together physically in light of the romance coronavirus is not the best idea. We still want to help your group build strong associates while working remotely.

Many offices have turned to telecommuting to practice social distancing. Directors brand-new to administering remote workers may be struggling to adjust to these sudden changes. Firefly’s core staff have been working remotely for years and we’ve learned a few things about saving our morale up while working from dwelling.

To help you fight COVID1 9 effected isolation we’ve gathered the following document filled with tips-off on overseeing remote teams, biding beneficial, and stopping morale high-pitched. We hope it helps transform this uncertain time into the discovery of a new adoration for telecommuting.

https :// fireflyteamevents.com/ goodies/ Guide_to_Remote_Working.pdf

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