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Zachary and Colleen Cashio decided to renovate and live in a 200 -square-foot Airstream trailer with their two children and dog for five months in 2018. The tiny home boasted a multifunctional living space, a kitchen, a bathroom, and one bedroom, in which all four members of the family slept. Zach Cashio told Insider that living in such a small space facilitated the family learn to communicate better. Today, the Cashios renovate and sell Airstreams. You can check out their work here. Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories. Meet Zachary and Colleen Cashio, a marry who decided to move into a renovated Airstream after they had kids. Zachary and Colleen Cashio

They originally bought their Airstream for traveling roles, but they decided to live in it full time after the second largest brat arrived.

“We were requiring and needing a vary, ” Zach told Insider via email of the decision.

“Once our kids were born, we had a feeling that the ‘American’ dream we were chasing was just a revolving door of requirements instead of needs.”

It took them about two years of intermittent work to renovate the Airstream. Zachary and Colleen Cashio

“The renovation was done completely by ourselves, with help from our pas at times, ” Zach told Insider.

They moved into the trailer full time in May 2018, and they lived in it for five months.

The trailer is about 200 square feet, and it only has three definite spaces. Zachary and Colleen Cashio

When you step into the trailer, you’re greeted by a multifunctional living space.

“Since our kids co-sleep with us, we were able to utilize the living space for a movement domain and a lieu to eat or read, ” Zach told Insider.

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