Visuals of move labourers as they were homeward bound during the national lockdown moved many of us. Unhappily, they are the children or grandchildren of migrant labourers who ran away from home looking for greener pastures. I feel a certain emotional bond with these nomads because I am myself, the son of a migrant labourer.My parent “ran away from home” as a teen before Independence and reached Bombay from Udupi. He was fortunate to create wealth and train his nine children. What my father did cannot be photocopied today because the labourer without a college severity cannot get rich, their own children cannot rendered a college degree.Post-Independence education policy, including territories, facilitated children from lower-income families of all status to stick themselves an educational. Education was a guaranteed ticket to rise from poverty.However, 100 million households of labourers were left out of this big story.Now is the time to right this wrong.An alternating college educational system must be created for the children of labourers without disturbing the successful mainstream education.Fifty-year-old labourers will vary depending on their 16 -year-old children. The situation will be clear if we visualise ourselves as the 16 -year-old child of migrant labourers. The soil world today is rampant child malnutrition in rural India- because academy midday banquets stopped after Covid. Labourers send their children to school for meat , not for education.Governments must allow workplaces like hospitals, hotels, construction conglomerates, and manufacturing industries to offer education and training in-house. Industries should provide the contents of formal education in an informal practice for specific jobs.Companies will get skilled sides into these industries at an affordable cost. Trainees can give enough to cover living outlays and save something to cast dwelling. The span of training should be at least for two years. Credentials issued after passing assessments conducted by a government body should have a high market value. It can also be a passage to join the formal education system if these students so desire.Let me explain this based on training of auxiliary harbour midwives( ANMs) that starts after class 10. Every Indian hospital with 200 berths should be permitted to conduct ANM and GNM( general wet-nurse and midwifery) routes to develop residence healthcare providers and harbours. Interestingly, ANMs are an important part of the National Health Service of the UK.Nurses with higher suitabilities should be deployed to treat cases along with doctors. Support services for cases can be offered by ANMs. ANM students should work for seven hours as harbouring deputies and attend two hours of online years daily and take online tests quarterly. Then they can appear for final exams after two years and attach the profitable residence healthcare sector. The medium of education must be English. Those prepared to graduate as GNM wet-nurses should be given the passage to continue their education free of cost while earning a basic stipend.GNM grooming should be four years instead of three for ANM.Undoubtedly the best neighbourhood to instruct an ANM or a nanny is within the hospital, a software engineer at a application busines, and a civil engineer on a creation locate. Students can work as assistants to elderlies and simultaneously attend online classes.Our government cannot pay for the college education; however, it can create a parallel college education system for the poor and authorise industries to offer melded routes through the online direction. A surgeon’s training leading to FRCS degree in England has no classrooms or professors, doctors drive under elderly surgeons for three years and when ready appear for the FRCS exam.I have no doubt diploma holders in wet-nurse, engineering and software will become star performers because of hands-on training and the shoot in their bellies.Remember, these are the children of migrant labourers, and it is children of migrants that built America. China became wealthy by reign the manufacturing industry. India has an opportunity to dominate the service and knowledge industry by course the globally most skilled and hungry pool of learning workers.Let me give two examples on minor intervention in education contribute astonishing payoffs. Few several years ago, when my children affiliated medical college, I craved 2,000 children from the villages of West Bengal to join a medical/ professional college like my children.We erupted their ambition to become heroes in real life. We opened Rs 500 per month to mothers to refrain them from pulling out their children from attending school, and it wreaked- 429 students from categorizes 8 to 12 please give fellowships, 54 students met medical college and the rest assembled engineering and pharmacy. One of the first students was Dr Subodh Biswas, who earlier sold confines on local trains.My daughter reassured us to send 22 -year-old fresh graduates from her nurse college, which learns many inadequate students, working together with our hospital in the Cayman Islands. She assured us that these girls are extremely skilled because they were wielded in our cardiac ICU for over two years as student nurses. Today there are 113 young Indian wet-nurses at our Cayman hospital. It is heartening to see each one casting dwelling over one lakh rupees a month.To fulfil the Prime Minister’s dream of a$ 5 trillion economy, children of labourers should learn while paying, while see is for free.I trust our government will launch a latitude college education system for the poorest of the poor, enabling them to educate themselves out of poverty.Devi Shetty is a cardiac surgeon and Chairman and Founder, Narayana Health

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