When it comes to 90 Day Fiance dealership performs who get dragged on Instagram, Colt Johnson is giving Danielle Jbali and Nicole Nafziger some serious tournament, and we’re now was why. 90 Day Fiance villains are now in countless pretenses, and Colt Johnson certainly got the villain label, even though his appearance was deceptively mild-mannered. While he isn’t as unreliable as Paul Staehle or as disturbing as Geoffrey Paschel( who has been accused of abuse ), he still get dragged like nobody’s business. Franchise supporters considered that Colt molests his partners and they aren’t accurately completely fucked up his mama’s boy natures either. Whether they leave slight punches on his IG posts or become much further, fans love taunting Colt.

Colt rose to prestige due to his unstable and fated mystery with the fiery Brazilian Larissa Dos Santos Lima. He was acutely attracted to the beautiful Larissa, who dreamed of living the good life in America. She expected a glam lifestyle in Las Vegas. Instead, she got a car with no air conditioning and a monster-in-law who was constantly hovering. However, in Colt’s defense( and Debbie’s too ). Larissa’s motives might not have been one hundred percentage pure. There are plenty of people who consider she was using Colt for whatever she could get out of him. Despite this, some of her detractors aren’t Colt Johnson fans. They considered that he sabotages his relationships by abide so close to his mother. They too don’t like the highway he gaslit Jess Caroline, who eventually shed her shoe at him. There are analysts who don’t think he should ever get married again.

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To vent, his haters trip his comically reputation @savagecoltj IG. When Colt posted the soothing and serene pic pictured below to IG on April 9 of this year, it didn’t seem like a provoking upright. It was a somewhat picture of a sunset, with the bland caption, “just hanging out.” However, one IG user travelled for the jugular with the comment: “holding mommy’s hand watching the sunset.” Another commenter get cruel with the heckle, “Are you creeping at a school yard again? ” It can’t be easy to read this stuff, even for a reality star who’s had to develop a symbolic thick skin akin to a rhinoceros hide. Another IG user dallied the guilt trip card, with: “Colt, I ponder Larissa could use your supporting right now.” Sure, there were some positive commentaries, but the zingers may sting the 90 Day: The Single Life star.

Another recent upright that got Colt dragged peculiarity an action-packed video, as attended below. A masked Colt seemed terrified in the clip( simply look at his eyes !) while bungee leap from a great height. Instead of revering his derring-do, trolls assembled to attain him feel bad about himself, as usual. The bad comment was probably this body-shaming post( his ex Jess Caroline responded to body-shamers during her honeymoon ): “He should spread out his love handles and swim to the ground like a Flying Squirrel.” Another weighed in with: “you inspect so funny falling like a little rag doll.” One IG user frisked up the admittedly tired mama’s boy slant with: “Omg. Why this now? Where is his mother? Why not together? ”

While Colt has his haters, he’s still earning money from his fame, and that’s the name of the game. While redemption may be as unattainable for Colt as it is for Big Ed, these 90 Day Fiance dealership villains are getting plenty of tending, even if it’s negative. Like Big Ed, Colt seems to thrive on the IG drama. Colt has said that he’s drawn to explosive women, so he may get a buzz from the wildest commentaries, too, though some of them probably cross the line and genuinely hurt him.

Now that Colt has established himself as one of the mainstays of the franchise, he’s sitting pretty, but the trolls will never stop razzing him about his mother Debbie, his nostalgic woes, and so much more. In the future, Colt from 90 Day Fiance may win over the haters, but for now, he’s coexisting with them on Instagram. Whatever comes him publicity is probably ultimately in his spare, but some of the comments are brutal. Larissa has called out the browbeat, as it happens to her extremely. She determines it hard to handle the aim comments, and Colt may be simply the same.

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