We’ve all done it. Popped a batch of rice on to cook either in the cooker or in a utensil on the stove merely to realise last-minute that we have seriously overestimated just how much rice we needed.

What remains when dinner is done is spates, and quantities, of leftover rice. So, what are you going to do with it? Well, if you were planning on only chucking it out, stop right there!

There are actually seven things you can do instead.

1. Fry It Up with Fried Rice


Probably, the best thing to use your leftover rice for is another meal, and good-for-nothing comes to mind relatively like fried rice. The immense thing about deep-fried rice is it actually savours so many of them when you cook it with cooled rice. No more lumpy stodgy mid-week fried rice, your leftovers will do the rice separate, flavourful, and prime for stir frying. Mix in a few cases frozen or fresh veggies, some chicken or bacon parts, and bang an egg on top. Dinner is served!

Here are our top Fried Rice recipe to try:

Standard Frugal Fried Rice Mexican Fried Rice Special Fried Rice Very Veggie Fried Rice Vanishing Vegetarian Fried Rice Quick Green Fried Rice

2. Use It As A Soup Filler


For houses looking to make their shopping stretch, you can’t get much cheaper or more crowding than a good soup. But one channel to oblige that soup even more delicious, filling, and frugal is to pop your leftover rice into it. Rice contributes such a great texture to soup, and it bulks it out so that soups proceed that much further. Leftover rice can be added into any soup that calls for pasta or pates, or to make something of a savoury rice porridge out of a soup that is perhaps a little too watery for your taste.

Immense soups that clothing lent rice include:

Roasted Chicken and Garlic Soup Bacon and Potato Soup Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken Soup Slow Cooker Beef and Barley Soup

3. Make Leftover Rice Stretch a Casserole Further

The best casseroles are, admittedly, always simple ones. If you’re canny, you can plan for a leftover casserole that is not simply use up all those lonely vegetables and fleshes you have lying around, but likewise your ridges of leftover rice. For those who haven’t applied rice in a casserole before, the general recipe( which is far from set in stone) involves the rice, a ointment of( anything) soup, some grated cheese and whatever veggies and meat you’ve got on hand. Remember, the rice is more of a locate. It’s the veggies and fleshes that make it taste good. But rice is a cheap way to spread those tones out.

Immense casseroles you should try right now include:

Country Beef Casserole with Herb Scones Chicken Casserole with Cheesy Damper Top Mediterranean Lamb Casserole Frugal Sausage Casserole

4. Throw Together Burritos( Bowl And Wrap)

Spicy Bean and Rice Burritos

Burritos, both in their bowl and cover shapes, are not as popular in Australia as they are in America, which is crazy because they literally are more frugal meat. A mix of rice and nuts, with some lettuce buds if you feel like it and relatively available toppings like salsa and guacamole( easily homemade ). These are a great way to use leftover rice though, making for a delicious and filling me that proceeds the distance.

Some immense Burrito Recipes include:

Cheap and Cheerful Anything Burritos One Handed Breakfast Burrito Slow Cooker Shredded Mexican Beef

5. Make Stuffed Anything


When you’re making anything from stuffed seasonings( capsicum to us Aussie’s) to substance chicken heart to substance zucchini, rice is going to be at the centre of your bowl. These substance fleshes and vegetables are a great way to use rice, with the majority recipes calling for rice to be about one-third of the stuffing. Added to another frugal beloved, beans, as well as some meat and veggies, you’ll never believe that your savory stuffed dinners are made with leftovers!

Some huge’ Stuffed’ Recipes include:

Stuffed Potatoes Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms Mozzarella Stuffed Slow Cooker Meatballs Tuna Stuffed Avocado Boat Salad

6. Make Leftover Rice In to A Yummy Dessert


This only works with cleanse rice , not rice that has been sitting side-by-side with curry for a few periods, but it’s a perfect sugared analyse for categories. Yep, it’s rice pudding! A few cups of rice, desegregated with some milk, raisins, egg, butter and sugar, make for a warming dessert that’s a family favourite all year round. Not exclusively does it use ingredients that you’ll found under ordinary household pantry, but it’s inexpensive as chips and ready in just 30 minutes!

Here are some of our favourite desserts that use leftover rice:

Creamed Rice Creamy Rice Pudding Recipe Low Fat Banana Rice Puddings Slow Cooker Creamy Coconut Rice

7. Make Leftover Rice into an Epic Side Dish

Using Up Leftover Rice | Stay at Home Mum

There are some amazing recipes that turn grassland rice into an epically yummy slope meal …. manufacturing rice fancy.

Now are some rice side dish notions:

Spanish Red Rice Butter Rice Mexican Rice

And if all else fails …… Whack It In The Freezer


Of course, if you don’t feel like fix, or you just can’t bear to look at another cereal or rice, let alone eat one, there is another option: freezing. Numerous beings don’t realise that it’s absolutely possible to freeze rice, and for it to be used at a later date. Once you’ve cooked the rice( and realised you have too much) time allow it to fully cool, preferably overnight, before popping it into portions of your selection and freezing it. For genealogies, 4-6 cup parcels are adequate, and we prefer freezer bags for easy storage.

So, what do you do with your rice?

7 Sneaky Ways To Use Leftover Rice

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