Camper Van

Types of Luxury Campers

It’s possible to invest the night outdoors without roughing it in the timbers. With roomy tents, high-end camping gizmoes and indulgence campers, glamping — or glamorous camping — has never been easier.

There are several types of luxury campers on the market. Some highly comfortable motorhomes are available, very, but we’ll stick to these detachable forces and camper vans now 😛 TAGEND

Pickup truck campers attach to the bed of a truck, commonly giving over the room. Camper vans provide transport and sleeping accommodations in one vehicle. These are a popular choice for off-roading. Travel trailers are a tow-behind option that can be detached from the towing vehicle. Fifth pedal campers are another towable trailer, but these have a caused section that extends over the truck bunked. Pop-up campers are a smaller option. They are compact for towing and storage, but fold out when parked to provide additional living space.

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