I remember sitting in a coffee shop when I was having a particularly depressing night. I bought a coffee, sat down and began reading. As time went on, I felt this sense of euphoria within me, I felt happy. All of the sudden I started thinking more clearly, I got excited about things, I felt ready to take action and create and share with the world. I frantically grabbed my journal and wrote down "Energy = Happiness".

So it is obvious what happened next, I was addicted to caffeine, as well as many people in our culture. It is said that America alone has 150 million daily coffee drinkers. This is how important energy is! The issue is, caffeine is a drug, it gives the user the illusion of energy for a small period of time, but it is always met with a crash. I realized caffeine was not a sustainable way to live at a high energy state. So the past 4 years I have been experimenting on and off with different methods on I live with high energy so I can live my purpose to the fullest. Here is what I discovered.

There are two aspects to energy: Physical & Non-physical.

Let's start with the physical, realize the obvious fact that you are a human being, you are experiencing life through a specific vessel that needs a specific kind of fuel.

1. Oxygen

First and foremost, your body needs oxygen… ALL THE TIME. The biggest issue here is we are not trained to breathe correctly, we rarely take deep breaths and it is hindering our bodies ability to perform with high energy levels. Each day, multiple times a day, take a moment to breathe deeply, empty your lungs completely and repeat. There is also the "Wim Hof method" if you are interested in a life-transforming breathing method. The importance of breathing deeply cannot be understated.

2. Water

Our bodies are on average 70% water, the earth is over 70% water, there is a theme here. We are liquid beings, lack of water disrupts the natural flow within and inhibits your ability to live with high energy levels. So drink, drink, drink, I don't what more to say here. I personally have no clue how much water I drink, I'm just always drinking. Without trying, I probably drink the same amount every day because at this point it natural for me. So find your flow, your rhythm.

3. Nutrition

Nearly 4 years ago today I became a vegan, there's a lot of controversy around the subject but it has completely transformed my life in a multitude of ways. But I found myself still eating unhealthy even as a "vegan" because I was eating a lot of processed, cooked foods and sugars. So I bought a juicer, I eat mostly super grains and fruits and vegetables. Here are some of the foods I eat each day:

– Smoothies (berries, cashew milk, peanut butter, bananas)

– Nuts & Seeds (Walnuts, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds)

– Oats

– Sweet potatoes

– Rice pasta

– Quinoa

– Green drink

– Vega Protein powder

– Veggies (Spinach, kale, broccoli, cucumber, carrots, celery)

Just realize that live-foods will give you life, so the closer you stay to raw foods the better, although grains and complete sources of protein are important. A smoothie and green drink in the morning, sweet potatoes or some sort of grain or rice for dinner. That's my routine. I can't even begin to describe how amazing I feel each and every day!

4. Exercise

It is important to move your body each day. When you sit around, the energy within your body loses its flow, your muscles atrophy, you stop growing because you don't need to. We have an intelligent system within, this system will only work hard if it needs to, it will only create energy if it needs to. If you do not move, your body gets the message that you don't need energy, so no energy. When it comes to the specifics of exercise, just do some research, I just bought a yoga mat and I do various exercises each day on that, and I run up 16 flights of stairs each day in my apartment building. Figure out what works for you!

5. Last but not least, SLEEP

Make sure you are getting proper rest, I'm not here to tell you how much sleep you need because everyone is different, but our human bodies need specific things to really get into deep stages of rejuvenating sleep. So here are quick tips that I use each day to get better sleep and wake up with tons of energy!

– Get rid of all screens 1 hour before sleep. The blue light from screens influences your body to secrete cortisol (stress hormone) which leaves no room for melatonin, which is critical for deep sleep. Read a book, talk to a human in person, draw something, meditate, etc.

– Sleep in complete darkness. Light tells your body it is day time, sleep in total darkness and I promise this will make a huge difference.

– Sleep at night. It is common for us to stay up all night and sleep in. But our bodies are intimately connected to nature so sleeping when the sun goes down is crucial for experiencing. getting a wonderful sleep.

I hope this quick guide helped you. Keep in mind, I do not have all the answers, but this is what has worked for me! Let me know what you guys do to be able to live with more energy. Thank you!

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