Star Trek includes a simply staggering amount of the information contained across various media. There are decades value of television displays, over a dozen feature films, numerous video games, and heaps of reading material. One could devote a lifetime dedicating themselves to eating everything for the purposes of the Star Trek banner, but even focusing on one medium would make dedicated struggle. With this in memory, it is a mouth ceasing accomplishment to have a film succession last-place thirteen enterings over virtually forty years. Star Trek: The Motion-picture show kicked things off in 1979, and the most recent enter was 2016 ‘s Star Trek Beyond.

While the movies are principally delightful, their lowest lows are as agonizing as their highest flowers are delightful. This feeling bleeds over into the actors who took part in them as well. To highlight this, the twenty five musicians presented in this list all either adored or disliked their participation in the storied films. To the series’ ascribe, few stellars had any regrets about their illusions. Those that do have mixed feelings, nonetheless, have rational explanations for their grievances. At the end of the day, though, merely a handful of people can say they have been in a Star Trek film.

So without further ado, there are 4 Actors Who Regretted Being In Star Trek Movies( And 21 Who Desired It)

25 Enjoyed It: Leonard Nimoy

When Leonard Nimoy indicated on for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, he did so with the understanding that it was to be his final appearance in the succession. Gaping at it now, it spawns appreciation, considering Spock’s disastrous fate at the end. Fortunately, he had such a delectable epoch filming that he wanted to come back and spend more time with the character. This led to him aiming two couple of the proceeding records. Had he not returned to the role, the sequels would have been completely different.

2 4 Loved It: Chris Pine

Chris Pine had some giant shoes to fill, and his bravery for even trying is admirable. He ultimately managed to draw away a fresh recital as the iconic Captain Kirk. It never feels like a inexpensive impersonation of William Shatner, yet simultaneously recalls the same character parties had knowledge of and adoration for decades. Reports been demonstrated that plans for a new movie have stalled due to contract talks, but that doesn’t aim the actor doesn’t adore the streak and his capacity. Pine is eager to command the connection for a fourth time.

2 3 Affection It: James Doohan

Without Scotty, how would the enterprise tactic efficiently? Fortunately , no one has to worry about that, because James Doohan was there from the beginning all the lane through Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. The actor was said to be enthralled by fans’ familiarity of the succession and his reference. Some beings may feel trapped by a role, but Doohan hugged every moment of it and could always be seen at agreements. Outside of the movies, he likewise reprised the character for a patron smudge on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

2 2 Desired It: Levar Burton

The actor may have dedicated a large portion of his time on tv get parties to crack open a work, but the rest of his time on the tube inspired a whole generation of designers as Geordi La Forge. Because of this, along with inspiring beings with same physical challenges, Levar Burton has nothing but positive thingsto say about his time in with the character. The Next Generation assigned may have gone out with a sob, but the bequest left behind by the depict and characters will live on forever.

2 1 Affection It: William Shatner

William Shatner is a passionately debated chassis. Some say his hammy playing ruined representations, while others consider him one of the most significant musicians of his contemporary. Regardless of how one feels , nobody can deny that he has filmed some powerful times, like the ending of Star Trek II. The performer has all along been was prepared to prance back into Kirk’s shoes, and consistently plays the role with excitement. The reference bit the dust in Star Trek: Generations, but Shatner would jump at the chance to return to the character if the fib felt right.

2 0 Cherished It: Anton Yelchin

The world will never know what great things Anton Yelchin would have accomplished had he been given more age, but adjudicating from his magnificent recitals in movies like Green Room and the three Trek cinemas, one can only assume it would then be superb. Fortunately fairly for gatherings, Yelchin left behind an previously superb roster of credit before his untimely run. As for his turn as Pavel Chekov, a posthumously published interview relayed that he thoroughly enjoyed his time on the Enterprise. Considering his Slavic beginnings, the character was excellent for him.

1 9 Enjoyed It: Michael Dorn

It says a lot when relevant actors affection a capacity despite having to endure hours of even out simply to get into courage. Michael Dorn toy Worf for virtually fifteen years, and reveled in every moment of it. For him, it was good enough to know that he did something that left an impression and is very likely to be remembered after he is gone. He enjoyed the role so much that he shows up in the The Next Generation films with virtually no justification, simply being there to have the whole gang together once again.

1 8 Adoration It: DeForest Kelley

Dr. McCoy was always the winsome curmudgeon. He searched older than the rest of the crew, relevant since DeForest Kelley was the oldest regular cast member, and never seemed like he wanted to be in space. Kelley himself, however, had the opposite outlook towards his reference and time in Star Trek. As the movies progressed, he took advantage of the chance to further explore the specific characteristics and think about how the years have changed him. While he may have been slightly type-casted, he never denied the good things the succession give him.

1 7 Desired It: Walter Koenig

Pavel Chekov is contained in less than forty episodes of original Star Trek streak, but he still objective up becoming an priceless staple of the connect. When it came is now time to prepare the feature film, he was there for all six outings, being prominently featured in all of them. He considers The Voyage Home as one of his career tops. In general, the full segment movies made him more is now time to gleam than the present ever did. Definitely, many occurrences boast the character in the background, and insignificant to the plot.

1 6 Desired It: Idris Elba

One could make an proof for Idris Elba’s expertises being underutilized in Star Trek: Beyond. He is a surmount at his ship, and Krall is a unique devil, but he does not get enough time to really explore the degrees of his personality. Even so, the English actor described his time in the space opera positively. Despite the already existing relationships between the crew, he pointed up having a great know-how and striking a kinship with Director Justin Lin, who was also working on the streak for the first time.

1 5 Regretted It: Malcom McDowell

The disastrous thing about representing a rogue in Star Trek is that one exclusively gets a single have opportunities to get it on privilege. For the primary shed, they can redeem their bad suffer by making a better movie next time. Foes frequently kick the bucket or end up locked away forever off screen. Malcom McDowell is often referred to as the buster who offed Captain Kirk, and he has remorses about how “thats been” done. Ultimately, he feels that such an iconic reputation should have had a more magnificent send off, rather than having a aqueduct collapse underneath him.

1 4 Adoration It: Zachary Quinto

Before 2009 ‘s Star Trek, Zachary Quinto was simply recognizable to devotees of Heroes and So Notorious. Spock dramatically hoisted his status, but that’s not the only rationalization the actor loves the persona. As a musician, the Vulcan character presents a unique challenge of subtly conveying intense, riveting spirits. He has played the specific characteristics in three movies thus far, and is ready to do so for a fourth meter formerly all the reported pre-production disturbances are sorted out. Other than a approval by J.J. Abrams that it is happening, little information has oozed out about the project.

1 3 Enjoyed It: George Takei

These days, even people who never watched any Trek know George Takei. The actor has a thriving social media presence and uses it to preach for various important justifications, especially for the advancement of the LGBT community. As a performer, Takei was always ready to jump into the Hikaru Sulu role. By the time the original crew hung up their uniforms, Sulu was commanding his own carry. He would have been more than willing to do a cameo in the reboot, but understands why it didn’t happen. Perhaps he will do one in the future.

1 2 Cherished It: Eric Bana

Nero, giving full play to Eric Bana, was the villain that changed everything for the timeline. By destroying Vulcan, he drove a prominent categories to the brink of extinguishing, forever modifying the future. Despite his importance in the franchise, it is unlikely he will make it a return, at least according to the actor. Bana has no ill feelings about his time in the role, however. On the contrary, he reveled in the experience and the opportunity to work with the immensely talented shed. He may be a one and done, but it was one he’ll never forget.

1 1 Enjoyed It: Patrick Steward

The actor who imparted Captain Picard to life was unprepared for the impact the character would have on their own lives. He did not expect the see to make it past the first season, let alone regenerate the dealership, turning it into the behemoth it is today. Though it did the exact opposite of his apprehensions, he is more than material with the lane things turned out. While the movies he performed in changed the specific characteristics slightly to procreate him more of an war hero, the actor still immensely experienced those experiences.

1 0 Repented It: Tom Hardy

He’s world famous now, but back in 2002 Tom Hardy was relatively unknown. Because of this, he introduced everything “hes had” into his Star Trek: Nemesis persona, as it could have been his big break. His exertion glitters through in the performance, but the movie itself was a critical and business los. The negative effects caused personal hassles, but thankfully he got his life back on track to become a universally beloved performer with countless venerated carries-on under his region in films like Bronson, The Dark Knight Rises, and Mad Max: Fury Road.

9 Cherished It: Christopher Lloyd

Before Back to the Future, Commander Kruge in Star Trek III was perhaps Christopher Lloyd’s biggest role. He was a regular on Taxi for several years, but this was a featured fraction as a villain in a revered right. The movie itself is of debated character, but Lloyd has no dejections over are represented in it. He was initially confused as to why he got the portion, but relevant actors won’t pass up a good opportunity exactly because it doesn’t make sense. Since then, he has appeared in various international conventions and is always up to answer fans inquiries.

8 Enjoyed It: John Cho

When John Cho was first offered the one of the purposes of Sulu in the reboot, he was indecisive to accept because of his different ethnic background than the character’s. Nonetheless, George Takei encouraged and eventually convinced the actor to take on the capacity. Some performers may be tired of the same reference after three movies, but John Cho is anything but. He is patiently waiting for production to begin on the fourth movie in the time line. In the meantime, he recently starred in the thriller, Searching. Hopefully this Sulu becomes a captain, more, one day.

7 Adored It: Marina Sirtis

English actress Marina Sirtis played Deanna Troi on Star Trek: The Next Generation. By her own admission, the character did not get the time to gleam that she would have liked, but she has nothing but reverence for her role and the line. More than twenty five years after the fact, she still attends conventions and moseys with supporters. Those who have had the solace to fills her in person can testify to her appreciation of the franchise and the love that keep the floors alive all these years later.

6 Missed It: Brent Spiner

For just about every moment of his appearance on camera, Brent Spiner had to be covered in dark-green make-up. It’s fairly simple compared to the other things heavily revised faces have had to endure, but it was still a errand. On top of that, the actor would seem to be his time on the aqueduct has overshadowed his other occupation accomplishments. While “he il be” thankful for everything the display has given him, he wishes he was known for more than the role played by Data. All in all, though, the committee is worse fates for actors.

5 Enjoyed It: Nichelle Nicoles

Nichelle Nicholes was inches apart from leaving Star Trek for good before a chance encounter with Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. The confront represented her recognise her character’s important on the airwaves, and she remained a part of the give until the show’s cancellation. When generating the gang to the big screen, Nichols came back and participated in all six of the original line films. When the heads of state of a civil rights motion heartens one to stay on a TV prove, it is probably best that they follow said advice.

4 Desired It: Jonathan Frakes

Most of the actors get the opportunity to put themselves into their character in some manner, but few of them get to direct an entire Star Trek movie. Of this exclusive group there is William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and Jonathan Frakes. As William Riker, Frakes behaved in all seven seasons of The Next Generation and each film. As a director, he helmed several bouts, two feature film, and even incidents of different Star Trek succession. Nobody involves themselves that much into something if they don’t have a penetrating desire for it.

3 Affection It: Zoe Saldana

These day, Zoe Saldana seems more cozy in space than she does on clay. Back in 2009, the actress was just starting to promote her chart, and her turn as Uhura in the Star Trek reboot promptly propelled her into renown. Despite her being known predominantly for the various roles and other sci-fi wins, she has no negative feelings towards seat. From looking at interrogations, it is clear that Saldana gave a lot of attempt into returning the celebrated character to life and that she has a deep respect for Uhura.

2 Missed It: Laurence Luckinbill

Laurence Luckinbill knew nothing about Star Trek before being offered the antagonist’s persona in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. After meeting with William Shatner, he originated more excited for the project to begin filming. He has described the actual shoot as rapturous, but yearns with those who have problems with the generally lambasted cinema. The slapstick of the gang being old-time and the theatre between Spock and his brother were too incongruous to be working. While he concedes that the film is less than stellar, he does reckon the love “re going too” far.

1 Adoration It: Ricardo Montalban

Before Wrath of Khan, Ricardo Montalban never dreamed that he would once again play as the acclaimed rascal. After going the call to reprise the capacity, he had hardship finding the mindsetagain, particularly after acclimating to his iconic reference from Fantasy Island. Once he recaptured it, however, he was well on his channel to delivering one of the best conducts in any science fiction cinema. His recital and conflict with Kirk are so employ, many do not realize the two do not see eye to eye even once in all regions of the entire movie.

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