Halloween is upon us, and with it comes the tremendous bombardment of couples outfits. Barbie and Ken. Beyonce and Jay-Z. That awkward plug and socket outfit. It seems like every outfit for charming marries is improbably heteronormative and/ or rooted in gender personas. So, what’s a progressive, gender norm-eschewing couple to do?

Luckily, “theres a lot” of recreation duets costumes that don’t rely on gender stereotypes to be cute. We’ve rounded up 30 of our favorites here.

Mario and Luigi

Has a better duo ever dwelt?

Photo: Cindy Ord/ Getty Images.

PB and J

Your partner is already fastened with you. Demo it with this classic pairing.

Photo: Politenes of Target.


Pay homage to the app that brought you and bae together. Dress as a right and left swipe, or a right swipe and a superlike if you can’t bear the “ve thought about” not being a perfect coincide for the night.

Photo: Courtesy of Tinder.

Tacky Tourist Couple

Hawaiian shirts and fanny-packs know no gender.

Photo: Getty Images.

Peter Pan and his shadow

We wouldn’t indicate actually hemming your spouse to your shoe, but you can dress up as the classic Disney character and his counterpart. One spouse wears Peter’s light-green organization, while the other get for the purposes of an all-black version. Layer it over a black morphsuit to genuinely look like a shadow.

Photo: Politenes of Disney.

Your favorite cocktail

DIY shirts with the insignium for Jack and Coke, Vodka and Sprite, or whatever other combination you’ll be sipping on all Halloween.

Photo: Getty Images.


Still frisking Pokemon Go, although there is the publicity has died down? Dress up as inseparable duo Ash and Pikachu; or, for diehard Pokemon duets, each of you can dress up as your starter or your team.


Groot and Rocket

Show your nerdy surface by get as this Guard of the Galaxy duo.

Photo: Kindnes of Marvel.

Google Maps Pins

Perfect for a long-distance duet or precisely those that have liked to undertaking together.

Photo via k4rine 03

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Come out of your shell and each dress as your favorite, whether it’s Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo, or Michelangelo.


Guess Who? characters

We promise there’s a relatively easy channel to DIY this.

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.


Instead of just ingesting sugar on Halloween, make it your outfit for a sugared costume.

Photo politenes of Party City

Bert and Ernie

Just should be considered how cozy you’ll be used in those striped sweaters on Halloween.

Photo: Peter Bischoff/ Getty Images.

Your Harry Potter Houses

Pretend you got your Hogwarts letter after all and dress up in your mansion gown. Even Gryffindors and Slytherins can be together on Halloween.

Photo: 7831/ GammaRapho/ Getty Images.

Pennywise and Babadook

Keep up with the trends and go as Twitter’s latest foolish meme couple.

Photo: Kindnes of Warner Bros Pictures.

Mike and Sully

If you’re looking for a duet of monsters that’s slightly less terrifying than the last.

Photo: Politenes of Pixar.

Aliens from Toy Story

Skip Buzz and Woody and go for a more unique costume as a couple of the cute little light-green aliens.


Salt and Pepper

You can’t go wrong with this classic pair.

Photo politenes of halloweencostumes.com

Thing 1 and Thing 2

For all the spiteful pairs out there.

Photo: Kindnes of Walmart.

Sims Couple

All you need is a pair of DIY Diamond Headbands .

Photo: Kindnes of The Sims Studio.

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

Channel your childhood nostalgia by rocking this costume.

Photo: Kindnes of Amazon.

R2D 2 and BB8

If toy robots aren’t your mode, how about some Star Wars ones instead?

Photo: Courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd.

Spongebob and Patrick

If your spouse is also your best friend, dress up as Bikini Bottom’s BFFs.


Bacon and Egg

Celebrate your shared enjoy of brunch with this costume.

Photo generosity of Party City

Puzzle Pieces

Because you and bae are a excellent fit.

Photo: Pexel.

Tom and Jerry

All you need are some cat and mouse ears to become this iconic cartoon duo.



Or go for a more modern caricature pairing that’s just as easy to pull off, with some overalls, a yellowed shirt, and goggles.

Photo: Kindnes of Universal Studios.

Milk and Cookie

You can’t go wrong with this delicious pairing.

Photo: Courtesy of Target.

Cards Against Humanity cards

Team up as the funniest card combining you and your marriage have ascertained or even make up your own.

Photo: Generosity of Amazon.

Big Bird and Elmo

This duo has stood the test of hour. Dress as them, and hopefully your relationship will, too.

Photo: Andrew Kelly/ Getty Images.

Dancing Lobsters from The Amanda Show

Case shut. Brought under the adorable couple.


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