We kick off Veganuary in London, the world’s most vegan-friendly city, with 10 of the capital’s best plant-based diners. We’d love to hear your suggestions from around the UK in the comments below

This bijou Middle Eastern restaurant has only been up and running a few months, but the bright, airy and plant-filled space has already established itself as an unpretentious east London favourite for vegans. It’s the sort of food that’s so brimming with agitating spices and textures that you’d be hard propagandized to miss meat. Chef Helen Graham’s credentials include stints at favourite Middle Eastern eateries in Soho such as the Good egg and the Palomar, and this establishes in the bowls- from the pumpkin tirshy trough with preserved lemons( PS6. 80 ), to the silky fried aubergine with date syrup( PS7 ). The menu is 80% plant-based and there’s a vegan designate menu of 11 dishes for PS30 .* 65 Business Street E1, bubala.co.uk

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