In 2016, Fede Alvarez liberated the follow-up to his feature-length debut Evil Dead. This time around, though, the storey was original and the movie was in no way a remake. Don’t Breathe premiered at the South by Southwest movie celebration in 2016 before hitting theaters that following August, with a sequel being released precisely shy of accurately five years later.

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Don’t Breathe follows three small-time felons subsisting on break-ins against a chilly notion of the fiscal landscape in Detroit. They break into a house they suspect to contain a small fortune. But unfortunately for the thieves, the blind homeowner is prepared to protect his home — and a dark personal confidential — at all costs. For anyone who loved this sinister subversion of the home invasion story, there are a lot huge movies like Don’t Breathe to be found across various streaming services.

Updated on October 13 th, 2021 by Mark Birrell: The best movies like Don’t Breathe span numerous cruelty subgenres as it’s not just home invasion films that will interest love of the horror-thriller. Sci-fi cinemas, monster movies, character pieces, and even dark humors are highly recommendable to Don’t Breathe supporters for sharing many of its most riveting and charming qualities. They’re accessible across a variety of streaming services too, reaching now the most wonderful time to check them out.

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John Krasinski made a blockbusting debut as a fright director with this science-fiction story set in a post-apocalyptic world that’s become overrun by armored alien ogres that hunting by sound.

Any fan of the moments of the silent, pin-drop, strain in Don’t Breathe will surely have a blast with A Quiet Place and its entire little world built around evading detection. The story is no slouch either, delivering the talented given with slew of theatre to work with and realise it clear that no one is safe from abrupt and violent death.

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Fans of the clarity of the spot and the swift efficiency of the plan will definitely want to check out this almost ascetic home invasion horror movie about a marry being coerced by a group of shapeless interlopers in their secluded country home.

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Them is compressed with long pulls of tense evasion whilst never feeling cheap in its execution of the scares with the most horrific aspects of the narration leaving a distinct impression. It’s a must-see home invasion movie for love of Don’t Breathe.

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The feeling of anxiety in Don’t Breathe works so well not just because of the unforgivingly graphic results for mistakes but likewise because the audience is able to feel sympathy for some of the characters going through the ordeal. These are both attributes shared by Jeremy Saulnier’s viciously tense horror-thriller, Green Room.

The story follows a punk stripe as they get cornered in the light-green area of a shady and secluded venue that, regrettably for them, acts as the front for a white supremacist gang. It’s a atrocious place but the band are a great group to go through it with, even if they meet undeserved fates, with Anton Yelchin shining in one of his final film performances.

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Home invasion horror fills beings movie in this story of a father-god and daughter caught inside their old-time house home by a hurricane and engaged at every turn by predatory alligators that have taken over the flooded area.

The gory reputation that New French Extremity director Alexandre Aja has developed for himself and the stunning capability of the strong contributing aptitudes of Kaya Scodelario and Barry Pepper are satisfyingly lived up to so fans of Don’t Breathe will enjoy the bets of the narration as much as the shock of the kills.

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Any fans of the sheer inhumanity of specific actions and repugnance in Don’t Breathe will appreciate the intensity of Neil Marshall’s The Descent, a monster movie that interprets a group of thrill-seeking cave explorers going captured with groupings of mandating villains that derived to live in the dark.

There’s a big focus on the psychology of the specific characteristics in The Descent, with the reality being questioned in some way almost constantly throughout, but the repugnance is always gutwrenchingly up-close-and-personal.

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In the French action-horror film Deadly Games, a young boy defends his house from a deranged gentleman dressed as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. The movie involves the child setting homemade booby traps to catch his rival in one of its several similarities to Home Alone.

Deadly Games is, however, much more violent than the perennially popular MacCauley Culkin movie and should be of great interest to Don’t Breathe supporters as a result.

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After the age of thirteen, Maddie lost her hearing and the ability to speak. Now as an adult, she is an author who lives in an isolated house in the woods. One nighttime, a masked prowler shows up around the house. Once he realizes his would-be victim cannot hear him nor can she speak, this homicidal invader removes his mask and adjusts his plan.

Hush makes a number of affinities to Don’t Breathe not just in the cat and rat dynamic between the main characters but also in its self-contained positioning, removing maximum significance from a relatively simple location.

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A handyman reputation Arkin is in severe indebtednes so he ventures out a affluent family’s house that he works at. However, when he break-dance in at night, he feels the homeowners caught in elaborate and deadly traps set by someone in a cover-up. The tables are now turned and Arkin is emboldened to save his former employers.

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The Collector is as preposterou as the Saw-like traps seen in the film. Like Don’t Breathe, it’s a vicious and original take over the home invasion movie where an antihero is given the ultimate chance for saving. A sequel announced The Collection was released in 2012, and another entry designation The Coll3cted is currently in the works.

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A single father and her daughter move into a beautiful Manhattan brownstone with a built-in panic room and this amenity unquestionably comes in handy when criminals break in shortly after they move in. Unfortunately for the new homeowners, the thieves are after something hidden inside the panic room.

Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart get front to head with Jared Leto and Forest Whitaker in this highly entertaining apprehension thriller that never relents the tension. This anxiety-inducing movie is teeming in back-and-forth drama and activity. In addition to Foster nailing her capacity as the protective baby, Leto serves up an memorable operation as the bungling villain who has a number of similarities with the in-over-his-head Money in Don’t Breathe.

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During an embarrassing lineage dinner held inside a remote dwelling, the patrons are attacked by forearmed souls concealing behind animal masks. Much like the thieves in Don’t Breathe, these savage interlopers, however, failed to realize one of the dinner guests is a highly trained survivalist. Now with her prowess and an mixture of make-do weapons at her disposal, the lone woman systematically picks off the killers.

Adam Wingard’s You’re Next hammers the punishment row that rests between cruelty and comedy. Through that, this slasher lends a continuous impression of gallows humor to all the unadulterated mayhem and bloodshed of a thriller movie like Don’t Breathe.

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